The Sensation of Flying

by David Knight

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released September 23, 2009


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Track Name: Tagore
why don't you come up here
let your body rise through the air
let all your burdens fall
come watch the clouds disappear

i'll make you right at home
and play you a happy song
turn on the tea
in armchairs
we'll read tagore into the night
and talk to the wind
after all, she bore our messages

why don't you come up here
let you body rise through the clean clear air
let all your troubles fall
come watch the clouds disappear
Track Name: Honorary Degree
i came up to a fork in the road
i had a listen but there wasn't a soul
not a sight or a sound to behold
and i wasn't sure
which path did the future hold
would the future hold?

i headed out and so did my ghost
barely a word from our heavenly host
i don't trust gods like i trust signs
and i got mine
i took the road less traveled by
ahh, but it's a steeper climb
why do i even try?

but when we're scared
we take the high road
yeah we walk
we walk the tightrope
our delusions are all we have
and i deserve an honorary degree

i put in and don't ask for much
as long as i'm seen for what
what i am is a wanderer
watching the world turn
before my eyes
before my eyes close
show me a sign
show me i'm worth more
Track Name: Lonely is My Friend
i cry myself to sleep at night
i'm a ball of tears the moment i hit the lights
o my
what have i done?
i've pushed all my friends away
now my heart is beating me
like my daddy did
when i misbehaved

and lonely is my friend
she tucks me in
out of concern
she lights a candle
so i'm not the only one who burns
lonely, won't stay with me
til the morning birds sing their
clever words
and the songs they call
fill this lonely world

i drag my feet across the ground
i think they're the ones
who are dragging me into the crowd
o my my
but why should i care
if anyone thinks i'm cool
is it so bad that i prefer
the company of my solitude?
Track Name: Cliches
i don't wanna see you cry
huddled up inside your apartment
beside yourself
cos you mean so much more to me
than words on a computer screen
o won't u please believe me

i just wanna see you smile
take a walk outside your apartment
where you're still adored
and laugh
laugh while you cry
at the absurdities of life

no i won't stop
throwing cliches at you
writing songs and poems
whenever you're blue
until there is simply
nothing left to do
but love yourself again
Track Name: Toughlove
i'm trying to get thru
it's so hard to follow you
w/ your twists and turns
you're making me dizzy w/ toughlove
when will enough be enough

i'm trying to wake up
to find something i can be proud of
until i do it's toughluck
imagine bags without eyes
imagine a world w/o time
push it away

i had a vision
a perfect caress
my soul wasn't bound
by an imminent death
i had all the time in the world
to rectify some peace of mind
and hold some peace of heart
in my soul til death do we part

i'm tryin to stay awake
i'm so tired of watching my heart break
so long as i breathe it's not too late

now what would the owl say?
what would the child do?
what would they all say,
should i succumb to my blues?